Thursday, August 29, 2013

I started RP on Argent Dawn!

Right! So my friend - who plays RP on AD and has been on the server since she started playing, has talked a lot about RP, introduced me to ArgentArchives and so on.

What I've really liked is how big and strong the community is. It's not like a site that gets visited once a month and it really increases the limits for how you want to make your character.

So, I made a Pandarian Warrior - Named Vinchelo. He's a painter, crappy with a sword (I'm already like, way below in dps in everything I do)
But, I want to experience the community and find out what's to the whole RP thing. I joined an all-pandarian guild, as I love those one-class or one-race guilds! Oh yes!

He's lvl 19.....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Commissioned Finished.

I was to draw the awesome Sparklebeard! A dwarf paladin!

I am quite pleased with the character -  despite it took longer than estimated.
If you see this picture elsewhere, with a website and different name attached, do not worry. It's simply me in human form.