Commissions - Digital Art Only

If you wish for a digital drawing picture etc. of your MMORPG character or anything similar, then I can make one for you.

I currently do commissions of everything, any style, anything you desire, anything except for political, erotic or religious pieces. 

I do traditional art, painting, drawing, as well as digital art 2D, 3D and mixed media. I am a CG Artist, and I have worked on indie titles as a Concept Artist, and alongside with that I have been trained in 3D modelling, sculpting storyboarding, technical-art as well as special effects.  

In case you are interested in a commission or you have any questions please email me at

If you wish my full-name, personal contact information and my official portfolio please ask for it in the email :)

Please read following very carefully:

The price depends on the size of the image, the style and on following: (Choose 1)

  • Full-color and detailed
  • Flat colored
  • Line-Art with shading
  • Just Lineart

I estimate the price on how many hours the piece takes to create. The higher detail / shading on the image, the higher the price. (As it takes lonnger)

I can also work within a budget. (say if you want an image for 75 dollars, I make one for 75)

You also need to tell me following of what you want:

  • Full character image
  • Torso
  • Portrait
  • Number of Characters in Image
  • Detailed background
  • Flat colored Background

What I need from you:
  • Reference image of your character (Such as screenshots)
  • Reference of Weapons (If any) ((Such as linking Wow-Armory is okay too - or giving me the name of wep)
  • Rough idea on Image size (I can help if needed :) 
  • Any other references you have in mind

After receiving your request, I will make an estimate on how many hours the image will take to create, and based on that I will suggest a price. If you accept the price, I will start working on the draft. The cost of the image, will never extend the estimate, no matter how many hours I choose to work in the image.

If I choose to work longer on the image, it is free of charge.
I do not work below minimum wage - All finances are archived

Payment / Feedback
I require full payment after you have received the first draft.  PayPal only. You can choose to give feedback afterwards on the draft. As soon as I receive payment, I will continue the the drawing/painting. The price you receive contain the 3,5% PayPal fee.

You pay to:
You send money as "Paying for goods and services"

To receive further drafts and give feedback or wishes, it will cost extra (between 10-50 dollars, depending on the amount of fixes/alterations) - Minor alterations which takes no fixing time are free. Alterations are added on top of your final invoice.

Once you have received your final image, you will receive an invoice containing all payment info.

Cancellation / Refund
In case you at any point want to cancel your submission, it is possible as well as a refund. A full-refund is not possible. There is no refund after receiving the final image.

The final image is yours, and you can print it and use it for own use only.
The works are not for re-sale
You are allowed to post the image on your personal blog, twitter, image site etc. as long as you credit me as the creator of the piece, as well as including rightful copyright (ex:. Blizzard, ArenaNet, Riot Games etc.)

Keep the signature on the piece at all times - do NOT alternate or remove the signature.
If you need a cropped version of the image, for a profile picture. I can create that free of charge. 

Your picture may be published on this blog, my portfolio as well as on other image sites connected to my works.

In order to receive commission these guidelines must be followed and agreed upon. Agreeing to a commission, is agreeing on these terms.

Example of Commissions:

Sparklebeard - For @IRONF0RGED
This is the type of Draft you will receive before the payment. You then have the opportunity to give feedback - and I might leave some notes with it as well such as: (Ex: his feet will be adjusted slightly as they're too stiff)
Another draft - just before coloring

draft for a "Flat-Shaded" drawing

Price example / Finished Works

225 USD
Full color and detailed image /w flat colored background
Full colored and detail image /w background

Full colored and detailed image

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