About me

About Me:

Hi there ^_^  I am Monsterbaby and I'm a druid

Born in 1988 - Hardcore gamer since 1994. But went ultra casual in 2009 -  I've played 100s of games, and always had a huge interest in video gaming. All sorts of genres, all sorts of games.

Previously ranked top-10 RT in Europe, in Warcraft III reign of chaos. My clan never lost a single clan-war (Eat that, Aran and Keko!)

Currently Guild Master and single-handed leader of the World's greatest druid guild "Druids of the Beast" in World of Warcraft, founded in 2005.

I've had tons of different jobs, full time, part time, student jobs, etc  - Mom and Dad never supported me buying and playing video games, so I needed to find my own ways, to get my hands on video games, and enough money to buy a decent PC.

Besides games, I like painting Warhammer, draw and paint.
I am currently working full time in the games industry, but still occasionally find time to play games. But why play games when you can make games :)

Featurings, honors and awards:

Featured in an 11 page interview the World of Warcraft Level Magazine
Featured in the Special Edition 2012 release of the World of Warcraft Level Magazine
Featured on the official Blizzard Facebook page 
Featured in an article on WOWinsider
Featured various of times on Warcraftmovies.com
Featured in Girls gone Wow Podcast
Top-10 ranked RT player in Warcraft III reign of chaos Europe


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  2. Hey, I'm looking at starting a podcast aimed directly at officers and GM's. Podcast will be answering questions and discussing world of warcraft news as it affects guilds. Would love to have you on board if you were keen. Flick me an email if your interested at all :) remotepall59@gmail.com