Guides to Guild Leading

My guides and posts regarding Guild Management

My experience as a Guild Master:

Leading the best Warcraft III Reign of Chaos clan in EU 2004-2005
Leading Druids of the Beast 2005- Present
Leading a test guild on a low-lvl alt, to experience new-guilds in Cata

I would consider myself a skilled GM - I have not only been able to run a guild for longer than a third of my own lifetime. But I have also been featured in various magazines, podcasts and received a sponsorship for my guild in the past.

All this has been achieved single-handed. I only had an officer once, who helped out a lot in 2008-2009.

I have experienced a lot of guilds fall, including my own, which went through an insanely rough time in 2009. but learning from this - I have managed to run the guild even better, than I ever did in the past, and it has never been as successful as it is now.

This area, is in general what interests me the most, in this game - therefore I have done major observations of Guild Masters when I played my alts - in a different guild than my own.

I have many friends who are GMs, and I keep in touch with fellow GMs at my server, to keep hearing their experience and thoughts of leading guilds.

Is Guild levels and Perks ruining guilds in World of Warcraft?

The short answer is - no. - read my full guide to know why.

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