Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Game Reviews

I have had some short game reviews laying around for a while, so I figured, why not share those to the rest of people. I think my way of judging video games is a bit different from others. The games people usually love, are the ones I like the least.
Not because I am a hipster or favor games only based on the companies.  I think I see different qualities in video games, than others - and I have had fellow people asking specifically for my opinion of a game, before they buy it - mainly due to the fact I don't fucking care what the crowd says about a game. If I do not like a game - I do not like it. Then I do not care whether that game has been hyped or not, or made by Blizzard Entertainment or some indie studio based in Taiwan.

I do only have an opinion about games I have played for long enough to get a strong opinion about it. I am not a freakin' YouTube runner, who only share the same opinion as their favorite YouTuber without even playing the actual game, or judge a game by a freakin' video.

I play the game - I have my preferences, but I tend to look beyond that.


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