Sunday, August 19, 2012

You are doing it wrong!

If your guild-log looks like this:

Then you are doing it wrong!

Obviously, if you've tried inviting about five, and they all decline - 
then what is the chance, that the next 20 will join you?

I find this very disturbing - I do not see the point of this, and this is not the way you are supposed to recruit people. You cannot blame Blizzard 
for people not being willing to join your guild - when you are randomly spam inviting. 

This list indicates, that the people recruiting here - are not even whispering or advertising. Since I was in that guild on an alt - I can tell you - they weren't. I felt so ashamed, that I left, and wanted to find a new one.
Side info: These guys recruiting are level 85 - My warlock is level 38, and that is doing a better job - even at recruiting high levels.

However that is most likely still the people, who give up after a month, and complain on the forum, that Blizzard broke guilds.

Everyone can see - this is not a viable solution, and that is not the way you recruit people.


  1. Oh to have the days back where you could just start a new toon and level up without being spammed with guild invites...

    Eventually I end up joining one just to make the invites stop!

  2. You know, there is a function you can enable, to block all guild invites - so you aren't forced to join a guild, to make invites stop.