Monday, November 12, 2012

Lets boil it down to soup

Since I began doing guides, tips and advice on guild Management I have received a lot of feedback. The far majority has been great, and I am happy when some of my guides can help people out.

Worth to mention is, I began doing this recently - I have never been a blogger before, neither written any guides - or anything in particular really. I have never been much of a writer, not even in school - where I was distracted most of the time, drawing layouts for Warcraft II maps.

The tricky part about having a guild-management blog is, you do not have direct clear results or facts, as if you did a Dps or gear guide, which is basically math. Guild Management is managing people - and I believe people are all different, guilds are different, and therefore need different treatment.

Anyway, to make a long story short - which is essentially what I will try aim for now is: I have received feedback, saying my posts written are too long, than they are actually supposed to be - I kind of of realized that as well, now when it was mentioned to me - so I will in the future boil my guides down to be easier eatable by people, as well as trying to improve my writing in new posts.

With that said, I am really happy for constructive feedback, whether it is positive and negative. I believe having an open mind, gets you the furthest, so just poke me, in case you feel something can be improved, or you believe I misguide people (Which is definitely not the intention of any of my guides - it's the opposite!)

Lucky so far, no one has been misguided - at least not what I have heard of.

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