Monday, September 16, 2013

Guild-recruitment is currently useless and how do we fix it - Ellaborated

As a guild master you might have filled out and used the in-game Recruitment Function in the Info tab of your guild. You can list your guild, with descriptions and list it.

However when you browse for a guild 80% of all guilds have level 1 and below 10 members. Which means anyone who is looking for a decent guild, either has to spend hours on it - or give up and avoid using the recruitment-system. And honestly - not many uses it now a days, because of those reasons.

My idea to fixing it:

On every Wednesday when the servers are down - reset the guild-lists too. Then it gets removed and updated weekly. That means all the inactive guilds filling up the list - which obviously no one wants to join, as not even the GMs are online - will go away.

And the ones with active recruiting will be on the list!

In that way it is easier to use, and more people would by the end of the day use it. More would look in it for a guild - and more would successfully find a guild.

As a guild master I really wouldn't mind re-posting my guild every Wednesday, whenever I take in recruits.

At least that would be the easiest way, in my opinion to fix this problem.


It is a shame there is a recruitment function in the game - but it has been completely broken since it was implemented, due to everyone at the time wanted their own guild and/or make money off a guild bank.

When reading through the list of guilds, most of them has indeed level 1 with less than 10 members - and a message saying "Everyone is welcome" - "all can join" 
As if people would automatically join a guild - just because it's on the list.

Leading a guild takes work and is difficult - the guild recruitment is merely a tool to assist a GM - unfortunately that tool is broken, and would be a nice addition to current tools in case it actually worked.

Many guilds would benefit of the system, and so would members. Some might be looking for a specific guild - and if that guild isn't posting recruitment messages in General chat - then it's just difficult to know.

The time and effort it would take fixing the list, would indeed make up for the positive sides of this function - that has been in the game for a long time now - but never really worked.

These are just a fraction of what was on this server - which is a medium populated server.

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